The Fresh Design division of KM Wholesale offers Canvas & Fine-Art photo printing for resellers.

We work with a wide range of artists, photograpy stores and professional photographers.

Photographic Print Solutions for Resellers

We've been watching the newest consumer tech companies in Asia and are actively testing new products that will change the way you use your PC. Great things are happening.

Technology Imports


KM Wholesale are your 1-stop-shop distributors of printer ink and toner cartridges. All major NZ brands including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP and InkPost are available in one place.

Ink & Toner Suppliers


While our offshore partnerships are true international multi-cultural business arrangements our New Zealand business is 100% Kiwi. All Directors are

NZ Based and all staff are Kiwi’s first and business people second.

Trevor Kearney our Managing Director has been an active Kiwi

entrepreneur for over 45 years and in that time has helped shape

countless business strategies in a wide range of industries.

From farm technology to digital media production,

telecommunications to financial services, Trevor’s breadth of

experience has been a building block for K&M Wholesale and

he helps underpin the key difference that we as a wholesale

company offer.

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Since 1997 KM Wholesale has actively developed leading edge manufacturing partnerships in mainland China.  Through a deep and trusting relationship with the major players in these partnerships we have been able to influence the development of product at many levels. Today this is reflected in the availability of high quality yet competitively priced technology products for the New Zealand market.


Early on KM Wholesale was able to understand the importance that Taiwan’s research and development industry had on mainland Chinese manufacturing.  Today there are very few products from mainland China that are not influenced in a major way by the R&D that happens in Taiwan.


Accessing these R&D enterprises has been a key to achieving even the smallest amount of influence.  New Zealand is a tiny market compared to Asia and the rest of the world. To bring well developed and well researched products out of Asia to our part of the world has taken many years of patient listening and discussing.  Today these benefits are able to flow through to our customer’s clients in many ways.



Selling wholesale product to retailers is the easy part. Regardless of how simple these products are, it is crucial that all our customers and all their customers have the back up of a well-trained and modern call centre team.  Today everyone wants an answer “Now” and as a wholesaler we must recognise this and supply this aspect seamlessly as part of our normal wholesaler’s function.